General View
Bologna is one of the most ancient town in Italy. Its monuments, University, churches, streets, porticoes, history and food are famous all over the world. The Ducati and Ferrari factories are only 20 and 60 min rides away, respectively.
Bologna is a city strategically located to all major Italian tourist destinations includes artistic, picturesque views of the Medieval and Renaissance Italian art joined with the cult of the traditional food “Made in Italy”.
Bologna is the capital of this prosperous region of Italy: Emilia Romagna. Not yet contaminated by mass tourism, Bologna has a number of nicknames: “la Dotta ” (the Learned) for its ancient University, “la Rossa” (the Red) for the warm colour of its roofs and houses, and “la Grassa” (the Fat) for the wonderful food.
The medieval town centre is amongst the best-preserved in Europe and boasts a number of towers scattered among the rows of porticoes and luxurious historical homes, like Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio, seat of the historic University, the oldest one in Europe.

Distance by train from the main Tourist Destinations:
Ferrara = 20 minutes
Florence = 30 minutes
Milan = 1 h
Venice = 1h ½
Rome = 2h ½

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Art & Culture
Piazza Maggiore is the ancient heart of Bologna. Its medieval buildings, witnesses of its vibrant public life and intense economic activity, combine with the latest functional places, while retaining their charm. A network of unique porticoed streets, that make the city unique, branches off from here. The porticos of Bologna, candidated for UNESCO world heritage, stretch out from the city center over 40 kilometers. Walking under the porticos, protected from the sun and the rain, it is possible to reach easily many important museums, galleries and religious buildings, which hold an unexpected patrimony of works of art. The University of Bologna is the oldest in Europe. The evidence of its prestigious history is spread out in many city places not to be missed.

Bologna has a continental climate, without any influence from the seaside. Summers are hot and muggy due to the high humidity in this area, and they can be long, July and August are the hottest months, but the records tell us that sometimes in June and September maximum temperatures reached 30°C.

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