Scientific Program

Day 1
19 Sep 2018
Day 2
20 Sep 2018
Day 3
21 Sep 2018

Opening session & welcome addresses

Chairs: Roberto Tuberosa (University of Bologna, Italy),
Curtis Pozniak (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Paolo De Castro
(V. President of Agricultural Commission & Rural Development European Parliament)
Simona Caselli
(Agriculture Conucelor of Emilia Romagna Region)
Roberto Tuberosa
(Conference Chair – University of Bologna, Italy)
Giorgio Cantelli Forti
(President of National Agricultural Academy, Italy)
Eugenia Bergamaschi
(President of Confagricoltura – Emilia Romagna Region, Italy)

One century of durum wheat breeding: An Italian legacy

Antonio Blanco (University of Bari, Italy)

Opening keynote
Durum wheat genomics: From sequencing to breeding

Curtis Pozniak (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Session 1.
Leveraging the tetraploid wheat genomes

Chairs: Luigi Cattivelli (CRA, Italy),
ssaf Distelfeld (University of Tel Aviv, Israel)

The wild emmer wheat genome

Assaf Distelfeld (University of Tel Aviv, Israel)

The durum wheat genome

Annamaria Mastrangelo (CREA, Italy)

Editing the wheat genome

Eduard Akhunov (Kansas State University, USA)

Session 2.
Tetraploid wheat genetic resources for the improvement of durum and bread wheat

Chairs: Tzion Fahima (University of Haifa, Israel),
Edward Akhunov (Kansas State University, USA)

Signature of selection sweeps in the tetraploid wheat germplasm

Marco Maccaferri (University of Bologna, Italy)

Characterization of Ethiopian genetic resources for durum wheat

Enrico Pè (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy)

Oral Presentations selected from abstracts

Chairs: Anna Mastrangelo (CREA, Italy)
Wolfgang Spielmeyer (CSIRO, Australia)

Status of durum wheat genetic resources at ICARDA

Athanasios Tsivelikas (ICARDA, Morocco)

Session 3.
Enhancing yield potential and yield stability of durum wheat

Chairs: Conxita Royo (IRTA, Spain)
Evans Lagudah (CSIRO, Australia)

Map-based cloning of FHB resistance QTL in durum wheat

Agata Gadaleta (University of Bari, Italy)

Genomic selection in durum wheat

Jose Crossa (CIMMYT, Mexico)

Session 4.
Managing a sustainable durum production for food security

Chairs: Agata Gadaleta (University of Bari, Italy) Scott Chapman (CSIRO, Australia)

Exploring G x E x M synergies to enhance durum wheat production

Brian Beres (Agriculture Agri-Food, Canada)

Durum wheat nitrogen management: From monitoring to application and more

José Luis Araus (University of Barcelona, Spain)

Oral presentations from abstracts

Chairs: Pasquale De Vita (CREA, Italy)
Brian Beres (Agrifood, Canada)

Genetic dissection of Fusarium head blight resistance in durum wheat

Giuseppe Condorelli (University of Bologna, Italy)

Session 5.
Durum wheat breeding to face climate change

Round table moderated by Filippo Bassi and Karim Ammar
  • Karim Ammar (CIMMYT, Mexico)
  • Filippo Bassi (ICARDA, Morocco)
  • Pasquale De Vita (CREA, Italy)
  • Ron Knox (Agriculture Agri-Food, Canada)
  • Conxita Royo (IRTA, Spain)
  • Daria Scarano (ISEA, Italy)

Oral presentations from abstracts

Chairs: Enrico Pè (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy)
Barbara Steiner (University of Vienna, Austria)

Breeding Australian durum wheat for quality

Gururaj Kadkol (Tamworth Agricultural Institute, Australia)

Session 6.
Enhancing durum quality and healthiness

Chairs: Stefania Masci (University of Tuscia, Italy)
Craig Morris (USDA-ARS, USA)

Durum wheat quality improvement at CIMMYT

Carlos Guzman Garcia (CIMMYT, Mexico)

Celiac disease, non-celiac wheat sensitivity

Luud Gilissen (University of Wageningen, The Netherland)

Bioactive compound in durum wheat

Marina Carcea (CREA, Italy)

Durum wheat products with improved quality and nutritional value

Marco Gobetti (University of Bolzano, Italy)

Oral presentations selected from abstracts

Chairs: Marina Carcea (CREA, Italy)
Luud Gilissen (University of Wakeningen, The Netherlands)

Digestibility of processed durum wheat with increased resistant starch

Marina Corrado (Quadram Institute Bioscience, UK)

Session 7.
Innovation in the durum wheat-pasta chain

Round table moderated by Roberto Ranieri (Open Fields srl, Italy)
  • Short summary on the innovations of pasta supply chain in the last 100 years.
    Roberto Ranieri (Open Fields srl, Italy)
  • Keep Adding Value to Pasta World
    Francesco Pantò (Barilla G. e R. F.lli spa, Italy)
  • Nutritional and healthy pasta claims
    Marina Mastromauro (Pastificio Attilio Mastromauro, Italy)
  • Effect of the patent “Gluten Friendly” on pasta
    Pasquale Casillo (Casillo Group, Italy)
  • Innovation in pasta making-technology
    Luciano Mondarini (Pavan, Italy)
  • Traceability of the pasta supply chain
    Valeria Terzi (CREA, Italy)

Session 8.
Opportunities and perspectives in durum wheat research

Chairs: Roberto Tuberosa (University of Bologna) Peter Langridge (Wheat Initiative)
Congress keynote lecture
International collaboration on wheat improvement
Hans Braun (CIMMYT, Mexico)

Global vision of durum and bread wheat research perspectives
Peter Langridge (Wheat Initiative)

The PRIMA project: What role and opportunities for the durum value chain in the Mediterranean Basin?
Round table moderated by Aldo Ceriotti (CNR and EPSO)
  • Maricelis Acevedo (Cornell University, USA)
  • Michael Baum (ICARDA, Morocco)
  • Francesco Loreto (CNR, Italy)
  • Conxita Royo (IRTA, Spain)

Closing keynote
A glimpse into the future of durum breeding

Cristobal Uauy (John Innes Centre, UK)   In the signed sessions simultaneous translation (English/Italian) will be provided.