BOLOGNA - ITALY, 26-29 October 2022
Equipping durum wheat with a major QTL for resistance to Fusarium diseases transferred from Thinopyrum elongatum and its pyramiding with valuable genes from Th. ponticum

Session 8.
Opportunities and perspectives in durum wheat research

Chairs: Roberto Tuberosa (University of Bologna) Peter Langridge (Wheat Initiative)
Congress keynote lecture
International collaboration on wheat improvement
Hans Braun (CIMMYT, Mexico)

Global vision of durum and bread wheat research perspectives
Peter Langridge (Wheat Initiative)

The PRIMA project: What role and opportunities for the durum value chain in the Mediterranean Basin?
Round table moderated by Aldo Ceriotti (CNR and EPSO)
  • Maricelis Acevedo (Cornell University, USA)
  • Michael Baum (ICARDA, Morocco)
  • Francesco Loreto (CNR, Italy)
  • Conxita Royo (IRTA, Spain)